Film & Photography by Jacob Crawfurd

CRAWFURD MEDIA is a professional photography and video production company established and managed by Jacob Crawfurd. As photographer Jacob Crawfurd works with many aspects of visual presentation including portrait photos, news and editorial images, art, rock photos, concert & stage photos, reportage, press, corporate, event coverage, beauty, fashion and architecture. Film/video work includes music video and concert recordings, SoMe campaign videos, interviews, news coverage and information films in documentary style. This site present several work examples for photography and film.

While I primarily work with photos and video, I am also involved in a number of web based projects, SoMe, music, Promotional work and Africa-related cultural projects. The company was founded in 2004 after several years of previous experience from planning and producing media/ communication projects. Read more here.

Crawfurd Media runs on a mix of curiosity and pure pleasure

You are always welcome to send me a mail or give me a call for more information, offers and ideas for specific projects.