Crawfurd Media, live streaming setup

Video live streaming

Live multicam web-TV productions with reasonable pricing

Crawfurd Media has invested in a new mobile live stream setup, making it possible to stream your event in professional quality directly to online viewers. Op to 8 cameras can be used and in many cases the whole production can be run by a single person. Larger productions with manned cameras are also possible. We also have a remote PTZ camera, delivering high quality images in difficult situations.

It is possible for audience to follow the event live or watch the content at another time. The production is simultanously recorded in HD quality, making it possible to make a shorter or edited version at a later time.

Current online examples produced by Crawfurd Media:

Example events which could benifit from live video:

  • Music / concerts, with our with audience
  • Meetings, events, interviews or debates
  • Lectures or classes
  • Events with international participation / audience
  • Theatre / perforrmance
  • Web-TV
  • Citizen meetings
  • Webinars and courses
  • Presentations
  • Updates and Information for employees

Note: Live stream can be public or limited to a selected audience. It is also possible to "sell tickets" to an online event.

Why live streaming?

Most businnes and organisations can benefit from presenting unique content to their followers online and on Social Media. Video streaming makes it possible to get direct contact to the users. Often the viewers can comment directly on the content or even ask questions to participators or a moderator.

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