Film & video

Crawfurd Media has many years of experience within video and TV production, music video, documentaries, SoMe and information films. The work includes production planning, script writing, editing and work as freelance videographer for journalists and companies. Enjoy the examples below.

Ivan Mazuze, filmed live in Oslo.

Trekroner Fortress, profile film

Mambe & Danochilango ' Cumbia Universal', Live video

Mute Comp, talent camp teaser video

Fair Trade campaign video feat. Martin Brygmann & Annette Heick.

Otim Alpha, Leo PaLayeng & Emiliano Motta: Acholitronix

One of four film about Pernille Bülow and her business in Ghana.

B-Joe 'True Believer', official music video

Persian Electro Orchestra, live teaser from Cinemateket

Touareg leatherboxes - Abou visting Denmark

Træfpunkt HR, event video

New recording of the Shu-bi-dua hit 'Danmark' feat, Hardinger Band.

Music video filmed in Copenhagen with Trey & Zay

Mezquida, Bodilsen and Andersen - Live in the recording studio 

On tour with singer Nanne Emelie.

Live recording w. New Jungle Orchestra

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