Jacob Crawfurd on assignment

Jacob Crawfurd

Professional photographer and videographer


CRAWFURD MEDIA is a photography and film production company established and managed by Danish photographer Jacob Crawfurd since January 2004. Crawfurd Media is based in Copenhagen and offers photography, video production and communication work - in Denmark and abroad.

I work with personal commitment for professional and creative solutions. Full attention is paid to solve small and large assignments in the best possible way. I work with my clients to find the best way to tell the story, create a larger project or get the best angle for a photo. You can be certain to get the product, price, terms and delivery time agreed upon.

Full production and freelance work

My assignments are mostly for single projects, but I also have many returning clients and assignments as freelance photo/videographer working together with journalists visiting Denmark. These jobs often also involves tasks as a research assistant or 'fixer'.


In my daily work I make good use of skills acquired from years of experience with communication work in combination with technical knowledge and with project management. Before creating my own company I was employed for more than 10 years in the Danish company 'Vision', producing multimedia content, websites, video and much more. Among our main clients were the huge bridge construction projects: The Øresund Bridge and the Great Belt. Even further back, I worked as a freelance video producer and was also producing content for youth TV shows at the Danish Broadcasting service (DR).

The African connection

Many of the projects I work with, has a connection to African subjects, e.g. photos and videos with artists from the continent, or information material about development projects and fair trade producers. As project coordinator and head of PR for the annual Couleur Café festival in Copenhagen, I am also directly involved with promotion of musicians and "African culture" in Denmark. Earlier I have been involved with several other African cultural projects, including the Miss Africa Denmark event and concerts with Magic System, Alpha Blondy amongst others. I edit and update the AfriCalendar blog and cultural calendar on facebook.com/africadk

On location in Ghana

Jacob Crawfurd working on location in a busy Ghanaian market