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Jacob Crawfurd

Jacob Crawfurd - Crawfurd Media

CRAWFURD MEDIA is a photography and multimedia production company established and managed by Jacob Crawfurd since January 2004.

Crawfurd Media offers photography, web design and production of multimedia. You will find commitment and personal cooperation for professional and creative solutions.

Crawfurd Media works with full focus and attention on solving small and big jobs in the best possible way. The price, terms and delivery time agreed upon will obviously not be changed. When working I combine my skills from information work with technical understanding and project managing. I also have a good network of partners and subcontractors I can use at bigger projects.

I have earlier been employed for more than 10 years in the company Vision. In the early 90's I worked as a freelance video producer and was also working with the Danish Broadcasting service (DR).

I also work with promotion of "African culture", primarily African concerts and events. I am press officer and one of the organisers of the annual Miss Africa Denmark + African Live Music and Alpha Blondy. Please refer to The Crawfurd Homepage if you are interested in photos and culture events from the African continent.

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